Annual Appeal Letter

November 2023

Dear Friends and Families,

Wayland Boosters supports the Wayland High School and Middle School athletic departments through donations and fundraising to help (1) grow our student athlete participation by seeking equitable opportunities for all levels of skill and experience; (2) foster awareness of the benefits of sports beyond the fields and (3) support our teams and athletic departments with grant specialty requests to compete at the highest level.

At this time, we are asking for your support by making a tax deductible contribution to the Boosters Annual Appeal. Your gift gives our student athletes the opportunity to develop an active academic lifestyle with self-confidence and leadership skills for success in Wayland and beyond.

Boosters Annual Appeal gifts can include a customized commemorative brick that will be laid next to the new stadium entrance. These bricks will make a perfect graduation or holiday gift to honor all students. Please order by February 15, 2024 for placement of your brick in Spring 2024.

  • Supporters contributing $300 can customize a 4” x 8” brick (3 lines of text)
  • Contributions of $500 or more can customize an 8” x 8” brick (6 lines of text)

To make a donation and/or submit brick engraving requests, please visit to complete the order form and pay online.

Wayland Boosters’ Mission is to:

  • Support, encourage and recognize student athlete excellence in character, team spirit, sportsmanship, commitments and success.
  • Fundraise and provide financial support for capital investments requested through teams, coaches, athletes, school administrators, or the athletic department.
  • Provide education opportunities for coaches and student athletes that support the social and emotional well-being of our athletes in middle and high school.
  • Provide awareness and support towards a more equitable division of opportunities and services available to different sports programs.

Wayland Boosters is committed to supporting all student athletes through:

  • 80+ Awards, patches and pins given to student athletes for Sportsmanship, Dedication and Outstanding Merit
  • Varsity Jackets to athletes who have competed at the varsity level.
  • Trophies and banners earned by each team for League and State Championships.
  • Signing Day to celebrate student athletes’ commitment to the college level.
  • Purchase needed equipment based on grant requests that benefit the overall athletic program.

Thank you for your continued support of our student athletes.


Nancy Peter, President

Wayland Boosters, Inc.