Grant Requests

Wayland Boosters Grant Request Guidelines

Effective July 2015

Wayland Boosters is dedicated to supporting our student-athletes at both Wayland High and Wayland Middle schools. Wayland Boosters maintains a Boosters General Fund that is available by request to fund specific needs for Wayland High and Wayland Middle schools’ athletic programs. Wayland Boosters strongly encourage funding requests that will enhance the athletic programs for our student-athletes.

Wayland Boosters General Fund is funded and supported by corporate and private donations, the sale of Booster apparel, and Booster Fundraisers. The amount available for funding requests fluctuates per year.

The guidelines below are meant to be a general overview of the process we use to evaluate requests and to outline what type of requests will be looked at more favorably.

The following guidelines apply:

  • We strongly prefer that requests be submitted three times a year, Sept. 1, Dec. 1, Mar. 1, although requests can be submitted anytime over the course of the school year. Requests can be made by any interested party including teachers, school administrators, athletic department employees, students, parents and coaches.
  • Funding requests must be submitted electronically to the President of the Boosters on the Wayland Boosters Funding Request Form (available on our website The President of the Boosters will forward each request to the Athletic Office for review and comment by the Athletic Director and Administration, however, final funding decisions are at the sole discretion of the Booster Board.
  • Boosters will consider funding requests at its September, December and March Board Meetings. Boosters may consider funding requests at other meetings if deemed necessary by the President; however, out-of-cycle funding requests are discouraged.
  • Applicants may be invited to come before the board to answer questions regarding their request.
  • The Wayland Boosters Board reserves the right to reject or approve any request, as the Board deems appropriate. It is also possible that we may fund a portion of the request.

Funding requests that will be viewed more favorably:

  • involve capital and equipment beyond the scope of the High Schools’ normal operating budget.
    show demonstrable benefit to the largest number of student-athletes and preferable have utility across multiple sports.
  • have programmatic benefit at the High and/or Middle Schools.
  • have utility over multiple years.

Funding request that will be generally viewed unfavorably:

  • are not thoroughly and thoughtfully completed.
  • are received out-of-cycle.
  • are for items that would normally be an operating expense of the School Athletic Department (including coaching stipends, expenses associated with additional teams, transportation, supplies, etc.).
  • are related to the basic equipment, uniforms, and coaching of athletic programs.
  • do not have utility on a program level, or do not have utility over multiple years.
  • are generally considered the personal property of the individual athlete.

At times valid, worthy requests may be rejected due to availability of funds.