Wayland High School Ball Wall Fundraiser

Wayland Boosters is driving an initiative that holds immense potential for our students and the broader community – the construction of a state-of-the-art ball wall.

Why? A ball wall is a versatile structure, used as a bounce back, that accommodates a variety of sports, including lacrosse, soccer, basketball, handball, and tennis. The proposed ball wall will be built on the high school grounds and serve as a multifaceted asset accessible to students of all ages, the WHS’s wellness program and the wider community. 

This structure will provide an engaging space for physical activity, sports, and recreation, promoting health and well-being among our youth. It will be an asset to the community.

To bring this vision to life, Boosters is seeking to raise $50,000 to cover the costs for the design, construction, and installation of the ball wall. Your contribution, regardless of the amount, will play a pivotal role in making this project a reality.

100% of donations will go directly to this capital campaign initiative.

For additional information, please email us at info@waylandboosters.org.

Thank you for considering our initiative. Without your generosity, we cannot make this happen!